About Us

MAGITEX has been operating for 35 years waterproofing and redecorating homes throughout the Western Cape.

MAGITEX was established 35 years ago, when after research, we discovered most contractors were using inferior products and only painting house walls, leaving all trim - doors, windows, facias and eaves, etc to deteriorate.

So we included this trim work at NO EXTRA CHARGE!

In order to give our customer peace of mind of a job well completed, we introduced our NO DEPOSIT POLICY while offering a written 10 year guarantee on all our contracts.

We visit site daily to keep you fully informed of our progress and you are well looked after by our experienced and trained staff.

While we focus mainly on residential waterproofing and redecoration, we also do commercial and residential complexes as can be seen in our gallery.

Choosing ‘the 10-year guarantee way’ will be the best investment for your home.